Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Case File 048 - The Shop (Finally)

The Avalokiteshvara Temple at Waterloo Street (Part 4 – Final)

As we arrived at the temple in Waterloo Street, it was crowded as usual. I went straight in and I closed my eyes and told The Avalokiteshvara Energy that my purpose there was to only ask about the proceeding of the shop.

I went into the temple and walked to the side of the temple, where there were tins of lots and kua that were used for divination.

The famous Waterloo Street Temple, the divination advice from The Avalokiteshvara Energy is at least 98% accurate. And people from all walks of life in Singapore, would go to this temple and ask for advice for anything in life, it was said that the divination advice from this temple is the best in Singapore, and it is also a tourists must visit spot. Many claimed that the advice was so accurate that some devotees even come from as far as Thailand and Indonesia to just come to Singapore and ask for divination advice from this temple.

By the way, The Avalokiteshvara Energy (TAE) and I are like ‘closed friends’ – this is the best way I can use Human terms to explain my relationship with TAE – so we would speak with each other like buddies at times. For those, who wish to judge or take offence about this, so be it!

I took my divination tin and kua and found a spot to ask for my answers. I took the kua and went,

“You know what I am here for, so tell me if I should take up this shop?” I asked and threw the kua to ask for answers, the kua showed a ‘Smiling Sign’, basically, what TAE is saying here is,

“What do you think?” (with a smile)

“Look! I just want to know if I should take up this shop that’s all!”

I threw the kua again, and again it's the ‘Smiling Sign’,

“What? Don’t just keep smiling! I just want to know if you can help me to decide if I should take up the shop that's all.”

I threw the kua again, but this time it's the ‘Closed Sign’, basically means

“No!” or “I have no answers you!”

When I saw that ‘No’ sign, I switched on my third eye and took a look at TAE and guess what, He rolled His eyes at me and told me,

“Look! How many signs do you want the Divine to give you? You have the dream messages, the affirmation from the local Earth Deity, isn’t that enough?” He answered.

“But I saw the opposite from my Tarot cards!” I answered

“Look! Remember about the Forced cards situations you had. And do you remember what you channelled and advise your meditation participants about ‘Taking charged’ of your own decision?” He reminded me

I went blanked for a while, now I understood what was happening. I acknowledged TAE’s advice and made a commitment and told Him that I will take full responsibility for the shop and the new path that I would embark on. And may I ask for an advice on the path ahead, I threw the kua and it came forth the ‘Yes Sign’.

Needless to say the divination lot gave the most positive outcome of my path ahead.

After which, David and I proceeded to the shop, we met up with the landlord and signed a two years lease for the shop.

And now the next chapter begins…

“In life, we are always given signs about the things that we are going to embark on or embarking at the moment. All we need to do is to be aware and know that the signs are there.

Of course all being said, it is still up to the individual to take full responsibility with the decision that is made, it is not up to your mentor or your spirit guides to make them for you. Take Charge and Be Responsible!”

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Case File 047 - The Shop (part 3)

The Yong Tau Foo Store (Part 3)

I then quickly called up the owner, and we came to an agreement with the rental. And we also agreed to sign up for the lease of the shop the following day. We then thanked Ms. Lee for showing us the premise and bid her farewell.

David then reminded me something that was in line with my dream message,

“You remember your dream message about the famous Yong Tau Fu store? I remembered a very famous one just across the link bridge.”

David then brought me to the famous Yong Tau Fu store that was located across the link bridge to the hawker food centre. When I saw the queue for that store, I was convinced that it must be so good that the office lunch crowd was willing to spend fifteen minutes of their lunch hour queuing for their food. And of course the store was also featured in three of the local food channels, highly recommending their food.

So there we have the famous Yong Tau Fu store near our shop.

As we were looking for available toilets in the vicinity, we found a toilet that was located on the same floor as the Yong Tau Fu store, and we were also told that there was another on the ground floor, so we went to the ground floor to take a look.

On the ground floor, we did located the toilet, we also located an Earth Deity altar, it was the same Earth Deity that appeared to me near the shop. I gave my thanks to the spiritual being. 

But the story, did not end here.

The Drama begins…

I was still bothered by the Fengshui directional issue, so I went to my meditation centre and consulted with my tarot cards. The initial readings were that I was being asked back by my tarot cards that were I comfortable with the space? And that if I was ready for the shop instead? Feeling slightly frustrated, I asked for a One Card ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ answer, the question was,

“Should I get the shop?”

And the cards answered thrice,


It made me even more frustrated as we were about to sign the contract for the shop later in the afternoon. At that moment, David walked into the meditation centre and found that I had a grumpy look on my face, he asked,
“What happened?”

I told him what my tarot cards answered me in regards to the store, and now I am really frustrated about the whole decision. Then David asked,

“So what are you going to do? Are we going to abandon the plan or what?”

I could sense the unsettling feeling from David as both of us had put in too much effort for the shop to be opened. So I assured David that,

“Look! Last resort, I have to go and meet an old friend who will know what to do and how I should handle this matter. And I’ve always trusted his advice.”

“Who?!” David asked

“The Avalokiteshvara Energy!” be continued (Final Chapter)

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Case File 046 - The Shop (Part 2)

The Potential Shop

We decided to visit Tanjong Pagar Plaza the following day, before lunchtime. But by the time we parked our vehicle it was already close to lunchtime, but we were gladly surprised by the crowd that was building up at a coffee shop on the second level of the shophouse plaza. From afar we actually saw a seemingly empty shop just beside the coffee shop. I told David,

“If that shop is empty, we will take it even if the rental is above our budget.”

And David agreed, as the lunch crowd started to build up even more, both David and I were getting even more excited than before,

“Imagine the spill over from after lunch crowd to our shop.” David said

And when we reached the full glass frontage shop, there was a phone number written on a piece of post-it that pasted on the glass frontage.

I quickly called up the number and found out from the owner himself that the shop was still available for rental. Being anxious, I asked if I could view the interior of the shop, and the owner told us that he would only be able to meet us the following day.

We left the place while admiring the lunch crowd at the coffee shop beside it, knowing that our future shop would enjoy a lot of eyeballing daily. (Noted: this is a way to manifest.) But, there was just one thing that slipped my mind during all these happiness; I forgot to take the Feng Shui positions of the shop.

The Faithful Day

We arrived slightly earlier before the appointment time so that I could take the Feng Shui position measurement of the shop, to my disappointment the position was considered unfavourable to me.
In the midst of feeling down, a ‘soft ring’ came through my left ear, knowing that a divine entity would like to communicate; I switched on my third eye and saw the Earth deity 土地公/大伯公) that is in charged of the area. I asked,

“Is there anything I can help you with?”

“This place is the best location here, it’s going to bring you wealth and prosperity.” The Earth deity replied and he left.

I opened my eyes and David was looking at me, when I was about to tell David about the encounter with the Earth Deity, a lady came up to us and asked,

“Are you Adrian?”

“Yes, and you are?” I asked the lady

“I’m Ronda, here to show you the shop.” Ronda replied

While she then proceeds to open up the locked premise, I told David that I just encountered the Earth Deity in this area, and he had a message of prosperity for us. David looked at me and said,

“Actually I wanted to tell you something as well, but that can wait.”

We proceeded into the shop premise and liked it. Although the energy was old and stale, but it will all be renewed after my Space Clearing Ritual. And both David and I were happy and wanted to make an offer, but Ronda said, we have to talk to her husband, who is the landlord about that.

So I made a call to the Landlord…

to be continued...

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Case File 045 - The Shop (Part 1)

"Dreams are guidance messages from our subconscious mind. Sometimes you'll be surprised by the way the messages are related to our physical world."

David and I planned for the shop for almost a year; we stocked up our crystals and even planned when we are supposed to open our new shop, which was one year from July 2017. My brother bought an industrial park unit located in Tampines Retail Park (located at the furthest east side of Singapore). He offered us half the unit so that we could finally have a shop front and the project was due to complete by the mid of August 2018.

When 2018 approaches, we were all excited about the up and coming new shop that would be available to us soon. So came the fateful day when we took a look at the new shop’s location and layout, and to our disappointment it was not as ideal as we thought it would be.

We went from excited to almost totally giving up on our business plan to have our shop. Until we decided that we need to get out of our comfort zone and started to look up for suitable retail shops for rent. But in Singapore the retail rental rates were so high that most new businesses would not have a chance to grow, as they were merely making enough to pay rental.

But still we decided to give it a try, and we budgeted our rental at a comfortable range for the both of us. Well, trust me it’s not easy to find a good shop frontage with enough space for retail and, spacious and quiet enough to hold a meditation class at night. Either the space is too small or too expensive to rent.

Both of us were looking for a suitable shop space since August 2018. It took us a month to find the ideal one that we were looking for.

Initially, we decided on a shop front in an old, quiet shopping mall, Adelphi Shopping Centre, we thought it would be ideal because of its central location, large full window shop frontage and quiet enough for meditation classes.

And all things came to a halt when we decided to call up the landlord to place a deposit for the shop.

The Dream…

The night before, we decided to commit to the shop, I told David

“I think the shop in Adelphi would seemed to be the best shop so far we saw.”

And David agreed.

So that night, I had a strange dream, I dreamt that I was trying to show my mother my new shop. But she could not get to my shop, as she was on the escalator moving downwards while I was on an upper floor wait for her. And she complained,

“Do you know how difficult its for me to get to your shop?”
After those words, the scenario changed to me being at my new shop with a couple of friends that I could not recognised, and they told me to go for a lunch break with me. And they mentioned that,

“Hey! You know you shop is near to a very famous Yong Tau Fu stall? Let go and eat at the store.”

*Yong Tau Fu – a famous local dish that is served with self-picked tofu and vegetables with a side of sweet and chilli sauce.

So my friends in my dream lead me to the famous food stall that was within the vicinity of my new shop, strange thing was that I had to walk up some stairs and then walk down again to get to the food stall.

I woke up from my dream feeling weird about the Yong Tau Fu stall to begin with, as it was never my favourite dish, and of course the warning from my mother (my subconscious mind, my Higher Self) not to proceed with taking up the shop in Adelphi Shopping Centre.

I told David about my dream and he said,

“I think we better heed your subconscious’ advice about the shop.”

I agreed, so both David and I went carried on with our search for the new shop space. This time round we tried our luck at somewhere near Haji Lane (a famous tourist attraction in Singapore) but to no avail, as the rental was still way off our budget. So we proceeded to the HDB shophouse in Crawford Lane to try and see is the shop in that area is suitable for our trade.

We managed to find a shop on the second floor, the space was big enough for our centre cum retail outlet, but the rental was too much for us. The condition of the shop was ideal, just that it was too quiet for retail business. So we ask the agent to negotiate for us to a comfortable range for us. And the agent told us that he would and get back to us soon.

And since we were still in town, so we went to the next building that was nearby Adelphi Shopping Centre, still the rental was too high. We took a walk to Adelphi Shopping Centre and took a peek at that shop and found that it was already under renovation. Well, one thing for sure there was no going back to Adelphi.

I told David that, there were other locations that would be like the one we saw in Crawford Lane and Tanjong Pagar Plaza was one of them. So both of us decided to take a look at Tanjong Pagar Plaza area the next day.

to be continued...